Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sam Pinto - FHM Sexiest Woman 2011 Talks About Being Sexy

GMA7 sexy star Sam Pinto is the Sexiest Woman in the World 2011 as officially announced by men's magazine FHM at The World Trade Center.

From # 32 in 2010, Sam Pinto made a big jump directly to the top of this year courtesy of text, print and online votes. Sam Pinto consistently dominated the list unofficial count in its final weeks.

For Sam Pinto, sexy goes beyond merely having a curvy figure.

“A lot of people think being sexy is physical: having big boobs, big butt, curvy. But for me, it's not just that. You can be sexy by being confident, being yourself, being happy for who you are,” Sam Pinto said.

Sam Pinto is grateful to all who supported her in grabbing the FHM plum.

“Sa lahat talaga ng tao na nag-support, grabe. Grabe. Sobrang... para sa kanila 'to,” she said.

Relating to the manner by which she keeps herself fit, Sam mentioned swimming, boxing and pole dancing among other activities that she has taken up.

“Well that pole dancing seems very sexy, no, but it's not bastos. It's also a form of exercise since it's more on you losing your body weight,” she shared.

Sam Pinto added that among her body parts, she considers her eyes the sexiest because “very seductive at classy raw kasi ito at kayang-kaya niyang mang-akit ng tao sa katitingin kung nanaisin.” Wow!!! Gusto kung aakitin mo ako Sam. Ngayon na please. hahahahhahaha

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